- Statistics

Introduction to Statistics with Excel

This section includes a complete introductory course on statistical analysis, using Excel as a (sophisticated) "stats calculator".

No prior experience with Excel or Statistics is required, the course is completely self-contained.

Have fun, and may all your statistics be significant ...

1. Introduction Audio Intro

  1. Overview
  2. What is Statistics
  3. What is a "Random Sample"
  4. Variables and distributions
  5. Quiz Quiz

2. Using Microsoft Excel Audio Intro

  1. What is Excel
  2. Creating, saving, and retrieving data
  3. Calculations with Spreadsheet Data
  4. Installing the Analysis Pak
  5. Quiz Quiz

3. Graphical Data Representation Audio Intro

  1. What is graphical data representation
  2. Creating Pie Charts
  3. Creating Bar Charts
  4. Frequency Histograms
  5. Bending the Rules
  6. Bar Charts for Categorical Data
  7. Quiz Quiz

4. Numerical Data Representation Audio Intro

  1. What is numerical data representation
  2. Measures of Central Tendency: Mean, Median, and Mode
  3. How to select Random Samples
  4. Measures of Variability: Range, Variance, and Standard Deviation
  5. Quartiles and Percentiles
  6. Box Plot and Skewed Distributions
  7. Descriptive Statistics in Excel
  8. QuizQuiz

5. Percentage Tables and Crosstabs Audio Intro

  1. Frequency Histograms for Categorical Variables
  2. Percentage Tables
  3. Crosstabs Tables
  4. The Chi-Square Test for Categorical Crosstabs
  5. Quiz Quiz

6. Relations between Variables

  1. Correlation between Numeric Variables
  2. Scatter Plots
  3. Linear Regression
  4. Quiz

7. Estimation Audio Intro

  1. The Normal Distribution and its Relatives
  2. The Central Limit Theorem
  3. Confidence Intervals for Means
  4. Quiz Quiz

8. Testing Audio Intro

  1. Statistical Testing
  2. Testing Hypothesis for Mean (Large Sample)
  3. Testing Hypothesis for Mean (Small Sample)
  4. Two-Sample Difference of Means Test
  5. Quiz