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Welcome to Robotics

CorobotRobotics is becoming a more and more popular tool to reverse the current trend of deceasing student interest in science, mathematics, and computer science. Indeed, robotics is well positioned to do so, since it uses mathematics, physics, and computer programming in hands-on activities where theoretical results have immediate real-world consequences.

This area contains useful resources to introduce robotics programming, particularly programming the NXT Mindstorm robotics kit in Java. You can choose:

  • NXT & Java to learn how to install Java on an NXT "brick" and check a detailed, self-contained manual on programming in Java.
  • The Challenges section contains suggested challenges, or tasks, for your robot to accomplish.
  • Constructions contains a variety of Robot Construction plans, mostly using the standard NXT kit.
  • Media contains a collection of interesting pictures shot during robotics workshops and videos of various robots in action (or inaction aka "bloopers")

Have fun and please contact us with feedback.