MathCS - Robotics

NXT and Java Programming

Here you find a complete, self-contained manual on how to build Lego NXT robots and program them in Java. The NXT originally comes with its own programming language, which is simple to learn but not very flexible. Programming the NXT in Java, on the other hand, lets you learn a modern programming language while at the same time exploring introductory concepts from robotics. There are no prerequisites for following this manual, although a solid background in mathematics will be helpful. These notes have been used successfully in several introductory robotics courses at Seton Hall University.


  1. Intro, Setup, and Construction
  2. Programming with NXT and Eclipse
  3. Programming in Java
  4. Modeling & Memory
  5. Behavior-Based Programming
  6. Sensory Perception
  7. Autonomous Vehicles
  8. Robot Learning