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Here are some of the major Java programs I created over the years. Each of them is a standalnoe program that has been used in various places, including at Seton Hall University. All of them self-install and run without you needing to do anything. Have fun, try them out, and drop me a note if you find any one particularly useful, if you have any questions, or if you would like to get the source code for any of these applications.

A line calculator with complex number support and visualization of complex numbers in the complex plane. Type calculations such as 2*(sin(Pi/2)^2 + cos(Pi/2)^2 or z1 = cos(10i)-sin(10i). Try that on your standard calculator!

Explore the mapping behavior of complex function, i.e a function from the complex numbers to the complex numbers,or evaluate a complex integral over circles and rectangles. Want more? Then go find complex roots using a new visual algorithm based on Cauchy's Theorem.

Asset Survey System
A web-based survey creation and administration system. Has been used at multiple institutions. Inludes eletronic voting function.

ChatterBox Client/Server System
A chat client/server package with lots of features: multiple rooms, auditorium mode, private "talk" function, co-browsing, and more.

UDP-based Chat client/server system
A chat client/server package using UDP services. This is primarily for teaching (I teach a Coputer Networking course every two years) and has limited functionality. For a feature-rich Chat program, check out the ChatterBox client.

Central Limit Theorem
Discover the Central Limit theorem on your own by playing around with different sample sizes.

Fast Fourier Analysis
Decompose a function into sin and cos, and visualize how standard letters are transfered as binary signals over a wire

Hypothesis Tester
Helps you understand why a statistical test works the way it does.

Mandelbrot Set
Draw the Mandekbrot set and explore it by zooming in and out at different regions. Also, watch some mezmerizing movies moving around the Mandelbrot set.

Population Dynamics
Visualize the interaction between preditor and prey using different models.

Java Applets

Most web browsers no longer allow Java applets to run inside a web page for security reasons. Therefore, none oI the applets below no longer work, sory.

Calculus and less

Continuity Checker, Differentiator, Integrator, Function Plotter, Function Family Plotter, Root Finder, Sequencer, Serializer

Complex Analysis

Poincare Puzzle, Poincare Pool,

Dynamic Systems

Bifurcation Diagram, Henon Attractor

Computer Science

Tower of Hanoi, Binary Search Trees


Shark Attack, BlackJack, Breakout