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Androidtm is Google's open operating system for small mobile devices such as cell phones. It allows anyone to develop applications for the Android system, and there are convenient and free tools, including an "android virtual device" to create programs and - if they are worthwhile - upload them to the Android marketplace.

Here you'll find a tutorial for creating your own Android programs, suitable for self-study. This is a work in progress so check back frequently.


  1. Part 1: Setup
    1. Setting up the SDK and Dev Phone
    2. Your First Android App
    3. Debugging and Logging
    4. Having fun with MP3 and GPS
  2. Part 2: Simple Programming
    1. Simple widgets and layouts
    2. Temperature Converter App
    3. User Interface Design with XML
    4. View Groups, Lists, and more
    5. Dialogs and Menus
  3. Part 3: Creating Applications
    1. The Life Cycle of an Activity
    2. Multiple Activities
    3. Activities and Intents
    4. A Music Streamer
  4. Part 4: Advanced UI Elements
    1. Advanced Lists with multi-line items
    2. GridView with icons and caption text
    3. Tabbed Activities
    4. Expandable Lists
  5. Part 5: Parsing XML
    1. Principles of XML
    2. A generally useful XML parser
    3. Loading data in a separate Thread
  6. Part 6: Creating Games and Custom Animations
    1. Principles of Game Design
    2. Drawing with a View
    3. Animating a View using a Thread
    4. Using a SurfaceView

more to come all the time ...

More Reading

Start with and work your way through the sections. There are also a number of tutorials that illustrate various features of Android:

You can also find many tips for accomplishing specific tasks via simple Google searches.

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