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ZMap Integrator: A Complex Function Plotter

zMap Integrator helps you visualize the graph of complex-valued functions. Such graphs are four-dimensional objects and therefore can not be shown easily, but with zMapInt you can investigate how curves in a domain change as they are mapped by a complex function to its range. In addition, it can also compute path integrals of complex functions over closed paths as well as find complex roots or singularities of functions.

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New (March 2020): zMap presented at ICTC 2020 Conference.

I delivered a talk about zMap at the (canceled) ICTCCM 2020 meeting. For details, including a self-contained video of the presentation, click here

New (Sep 2019): zMap Integrator has been significantly updated.

It can do anything the old version could do - visualizing graphs of complex-valued functions - but it can now also find path integrals of complex functions over closed paths such as circles and rectangles as well as find complex roots and singularities of complex functions. These new features are not yet described in the various support documents below, but they are pretty self-explanatory, so simply click on the zMapInt button below to start the application and experiment ... enjoy!

Note that ZMapInt requires the "Java Runtime Environment 1.8" or better. If you experience problems, visit to install or update the required software.