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The Chat System

This is the client part of a complete "client-server" package. The package is used in a Computer Networking class that I teach at Seton Hall university every 2 years. It is created for simplicity - for a professional, feature rich client/server solution, please check out the ChatterBox system instead.

Before you can start this web app, you need to configure your Java client correctly. See the Java help info for details.

Problems? Click for help!

The Chat server should be up and running (try to start the Chat client above and try to connect - it it works, the server is running. Otherwise, send me email, I'll start the server for you if possible.

To start your own server, or to learn how it works, download this file: and extract it in its own folder. Then compile the and run it.

To start your own client, or to learn how it works, please download this and extract it into the same folder into which you extracted the server (see above). Then compile the and run it.

To learn how the system works, and to answer a few questions about it, please check out this document.