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This applet can be used with multiple datasets (questions). Questions are easily created and can be saved as a text file on your web server. Click on Start Quiz to give it a try.

Note that you can check several answers per question, and you can specify that any combination of choices is correct (e.g. choice A and C must be checked for a correct answer - as an example, the right answer for the second question is both A and B (right is relative ...-:). Questions can include pictures and sounds, as well as optional hints per question (see first question).

The actual questions, choices, and correct answers can easily be changed by editing a simple text file, and you can easily provide different quizzes by chaning the name of the quiz in the "Quiz Starter" applet. The applet should work well for small to medium quiz numbers (less than 100 or 200 questions per quiz).

Possible improvements