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zCalc: Calculator with Complex Number Support

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This program provides an easy-to-use, yet powerful numeric calculator for calculations with real or complex numbers. To enter a complex number, just enter it in the from x + i y. You type in your coomutation, then click COMPUTE press the ENTER key. Complex numbers are drawn automatically in the complex plane, and you can change their color and thickness. In addition, you can store results of your computation in "variables" which you can use for further computations.

Note: The latest version of this program can generate the Mandelbrot set, any Julia set J(c), and orbits of starting seeds x0. Type "help" for more details.

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For example, start the program and enter the following computations/commands:

-10 * (2.4 - Pi) [ENTER]
angle = 45 [ENTER]
sin(radians(angle))^2 + cos(radians(angle))^2 [ENTER]
z1 = 3 + 5i [ENTER]
z2 = 4 - 3i [ENTER]
w = z1 * z2 [ENTER]

Mandelbrot [ENTER]
use the mouse to zoom in, then
Mandelbrot [ENTER] again to redraw within the new window
Julia(0.5+0.1 i) [ENTER]
Orbit(0.2, 0.8 + 0.5 i,20)