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NEW:The calculator program has been updated again.
It now supports complex numbers z = x + i y and shows them in the complex plane so you can easily visualize multiplication, addition, etc graphically.

MathCS provides many resources for anyone interested in Mathematics, Statistics, Java Programming, or Robotics. Each resource has a discussion board where you can leave comments or questions, read answers provided by others, or leave your own answers. This site is supported by Google Ads - please click on any of the ads on the right occasionally to help maintain this resource.

Interactive Real AnalysisInteractive Real Analysis is an online, interactive textbook for Real Analysis or Advanced Calculus. It deals with sets, sequences, series, continuity, differentiability, integrability, topology, etc.

Android Tutorial is an online, self-contained tutorial to create programs for the Android operating system for small mobile devices such as cell phones. It allows anyone to develop applications for the Android system, and - if they are worthwhile - upload them to the Android marketplace.

Java Tools and ResourcesJava, a programming language introduced by Sun, is getting more and more accepted as a teaching language. Here you can find resources, applets, source code, as well as a complete online textbook Java by Definition to learn Java from the ground up.

Stats LogoStatistics is the science of making sense of data - quite a useful skill. Even more useful is this online introductory stats course using Excel. If you know some stats already, you will appreciate learning how to apply Excel's power to statistics. and if you know Excel already, you will learn about some of its hidden functionality and pick up some useful statistics knowledge along the way - as we statisticians say: "may all your statistics be significant".

Robotics Resources Resources for an introduction to robotics. This resource will include information on how to program the Lego NXT Brick using Java (via LeJOS), including many sample programs, an introduction to Microsoft Robotics Studio, how to program a Corobot vehicle with a six-degrees-of-freedom arm, and some videos from a robotics course I am teaching periodically.

Under constructionInteractive Complex Analysis is an online, interactive textbook for Complex Analysis. It deals with complex numbers and topology, complex functions, holomorphic functions and properties, singularities, residues, conformal maps, harmonic functions, etc.