Class LCDOutputStream

  extended by java.io.OutputStream
      extended by lejos.nxt.LCDOutputStream

public class LCDOutputStream
extends OutputStream

A simple output stream that implements console output. It writes to the bottom line of the screen, scrolling the LCD up one line when writing to character position 0, and starting a new line when the position reaches 16 or a new line character is wriiten. Used by System.out.println.

Lawrie Griffiths

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void write(int c)
          Writes the specified byte to this output stream.
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Constructor Detail


public LCDOutputStream()
Method Detail


public void write(int c)
Description copied from class: OutputStream
Writes the specified byte to this output stream. The general contract for write is that one byte is written to the output stream. The byte to be written is the eight low-order bits of the argument b. The 24 high-order bits of b are ignored.

Subclasses of OutputStream must provide an implementation for this method.

Specified by:
write in class OutputStream
c - the byte.