Class DeviceClass

  extended by javax.bluetooth.DeviceClass

public class DeviceClass
extends Object

The DeviceClass class represents the class of device (CoD) record as defined by the Bluetooth specification. This record is defined in the Bluetooth Assigned Numbers document and contains information on the type of the device and the type of services available on the device. The Bluetooth Assigned Numbers document ( defines the service class, major device class, and minor device class. The table below provides some examples of possible return values and their meaning:

MethodReturn ValueClass of Device
getServiceClasses()0x22000Networking and Limited Discoverable Major Service Classes
getServiceClasses()0x100000Object Transfer Major Service Class
getMajorDeviceClass()0x00Miscellaneous Major Device Class
getMajorDeviceClass()0x200Phone Major Device Class
getMinorDeviceClass()0x0CWith a Computer Major Device Class, Laptop Minor Device Class
getMinorDeviceClass()0x04With a Phone Major Device Class, Cellular Minor Device Class


Constructor Summary
DeviceClass(int record)
Method Summary
 int getMajorDeviceClass()
          Retrieves the major device class.
 int getMinorDeviceClass()
 int getServiceClasses()
          Retrieves the major service classes.
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Constructor Detail


public DeviceClass(int record)
record -
IllegalArgumentException - if record has any bits between 24 and 31 set
Method Detail


public int getServiceClasses()
Retrieves the major service classes. A device may have multiple major service classes. When this occurs, the major service classes are bitwise OR'ed together.

the major service classes


public int getMajorDeviceClass()
Retrieves the major device class. A device may have only a single major device class.

the major device class


public int getMinorDeviceClass()