MathCS - Robotics

Challenge: Travel and Rotate

In this two-part challenge you need to:

Your programming environment can be either NXT-G, LeJOS, or MS Robotics Studio, but NXT-G is recommended for this assignment.


You have one try for each challenge. You need to complete the challenges in two parts, with 10 minute preparation time for each part.

The team with distance closest to D receives 5 bonus points, the team with the closest rotation receives an additional 5 bonus points.

Results from 9/18/2008:

The teams were asked to travel 65cm and to rotate clockwise by 270 degree. Here are the results:

Travelling Rotating Score
Team A: 65 cm 271o 100 + 5
Team B: 66 cm 270o 100 + 5
Team C: 65 cm 271o 100 + 5
Team D: 64.5 cm 90o 55
Team E: 65 cm 270o 100 + 10

Click here to watch the outcomes of this challenge.

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